Advance Trauma and Joint Reaplacement

Best Orthopedic hospital in Nagpur

Joint Replacement In Best Orthopedic Hospital in Nagpur

Nelson Hospital best orthopedic Hospital in Nagpur. The Department of Orthopaedics focuses on the correction, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the skeletal deformities of patients, in different age groups, such as disorders of joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, skin, and nerves. The team is an expert in treating problems in the newborns with clubfeet, in young athletes who require arthroscopic surgery, and also, in old aged people with rheumatoid arthritis. The orthopedic team also treats cases with fractures, torn ligaments, dislocations, strains and sprains, tendon injuries, sciatica, pulled muscles, low back pains, bursitis ruptured disks, bow legs, scoliosis knock knees, hammertoes, bone tumors, cerebral palsy, growth abnormalities, muscular dystrophy, and multiple others.

The proficient approach of the team also aims at rehabilitation, by educating and advising people to perform physical therapies and exercises to restore strength, movement, and function. The team is highly experienced in handling and managing complex cases and multi-system trauma cases also. The department also delivers specialized services in treating cases related to shoulder, foot, hand, knee, hip, spine and sports traumas.

Bone problems may include:

Joint problems may include:

Common orthopedic-related diagnoses based on body part include:

Hand and Wrist




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