Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (CVTS)

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (CVTS)

Nelson Multispecialty hospital provides the best cardiac care for adult and paediatric patients, and we have performed over 1000+ cardiac surgeries to date.

Comprehensive Pediatric Cardiac Care
We are the only center in region to provide Cardiac surgery and cardiology services to Neonates and Pediatric age group.
We are dedicated to providing the best cardiac care for children from before birth, through their childhood, adolescence, into adulthood. Our team of pediatric heart specialists, nurses, and technicians is experienced in treating and handling different types of heart conditions. Our team is working together to bring hope in every heartbeat for our patients.

Cardiac procedures we provide:

Nelson Hospital has state-of-the-art technology for cardiac catheterizations in patients with congenital heart defects. The advanced catheterization lab provides accurate data for patients’ tests.

Complex congenital and structural heart defects

Dr. Sachin Kuthe


Dr. Sadhna Deshmukh

Dr. Abhay Bhoyar

Cardiology and cardiac surgery

Dr. Gajendra Agarwal


Dr. Abhay Bhoyar


Cardiology and cardiac surgery

Dr. Pramod Ambatkar