Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology

Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in Nagpur

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology

Nelson Hospital Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in Nagpur represents a paradigm shift in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, offering a comprehensive range of corrective procedures from minor skin lesions to complex surgical implants.

We are committed to providing clinical excellence in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment procedures, backed up by an expert team of skilled professionals, including:-

1. Dermatologists

2. Cosmetic surgeons

3. Plastic surgeons

We have an excellent support staff to ensure your comfort.

Our expert physicians and surgeons adhere to international protocols for clinical care, infection control, and hygiene.

Dr. Darshyan Rewankar

MS,MCH(Plastic Surgery )

Dr. Pawan Sahane

MBBS,MS (Gen Surgery) MCH (Plastic Surgery )