Day Care Surgery

Preparing for a day surgery:

After settling the patient into the day surgery section of the hospital, your pulse blood pressure, weight and temperature will be checked and recorded. The anaesthetist will examine you, review your health history and ask you various queries.

There are certain things you should be aware of daycare surgery before you go into surgery including:

Tests – you will have to undergo a physical examination, also, your anaesthetist will order you to perform additional tests to supplement those performed on your first visit to the day surgery.

Fasting –You should not eat or drink anything for several hours before your anaesthetic. Usually, you are without food for at least six hours.

Anaesthesia– your anaesthetist will discuss with you the appropriate anaesthetic. Sometimes, they may arrange for a sedative which has to be given within an hour or so before the operation. This will keep you drowsy and relaxed.

Safety – you may be asked to remove your jewellery or false teeth if you have any.