Day Care Surgery

The advantages of daycare surgeries:

  • Quality Treatment: A personalized attention is given to the patients because they can be hospitalized to get the best quality day care treatments.
  • Cashless Treatments: If the patient satisfies the policies mentioned in the insurance, he can take cashless treatments and claim for medical insurance later.
  • Tax Benefits: He gets more tax benefits compared to that of the OPD treatments.
  • Earlier mobilization.
  • Reduced risk of cross-infection.
  • Pre-booked date and less likely to be cancelled.
  • Shorter waiting lists and lesser uncertainty of a long wait.
  • Easier domestic arrangements.
  • Minimal disruption of patient’s personal life. ƒ
  • Earlier return to the normal environment. ƒƒ
  • Avoidance of disruptive nights in hospital wards. ƒ
  • Less loss of time at work.ƒ
  • Less psychological disturbances in children and elderly patient.
  • Lesser chances of cancellation due to pressures of emergency surgeries in a dedicated daycare facility.