Trigeminal Neuralgia is excruciating pain over one side of face. It is so severe due to which patient cannot eat or drink his food, brush his teeth and even touch his face. For this type of pain patient mostly goes to dental clinic and had multiple tooth extraction surgeries. It is mainly clinical diagnosis. It can be confirmed with help of special MRI Brain sequence.

It occurs mainly due to one of the brain vessel most commonly superior cerebellar artery loop, abutting over the trigeminal nerve which is main sensory nerve over face. The pulsations of vessels causes chronic damage to nerve sheath and which causes severe pain over the area of face where the particular Nerve is supplying.

It is completely curable disease. There are various types of treatments available. The first and initial treatment is always the medications. Some patients had good response to these mediation and they have to take them for long duration. But in some cases when the medication are not tolerable or patient had severe pain even on high dose of medication or if patient develops any side effects of the medication, then the best treatment is surgery which is called Microvascular Decompression of Trigeminal Nerve.

In Trigeminal Neuralgia the main problem lies in the brain of patient. Here we perform the surgery by opening very small bone of skull just behind the ear on the side of pain and we identified the trigeminal nerve. During surgery, we can clearly see the artery which is a culprit causing compression. Once visualize we separate the vessel from nerve under high quality microscope. To keep both nerve and artery apart after separation we put small ‘Teflon’ graft between them.

The Trigeminal Neuralgia surgery results of surgery are excellent. Once patient came out of anesthesia. 98% of patient does not require any painkiller at all. The complications of surgery are extremely minimum and the results are excellent.

In Nelson hospital Best Neurosurgeon In Nagpur, we perform all kinds of Neurosurgeries and Microvascular decompression surgeries are routinely performed. We performed around 50 surgeries in last year and all patients had excellent results.

We perform Trigeminal Neuralgia surgery by Key hole approach, minimally invasive technique. Here the skin incision size is 3 centimeter and size of Craniotomy (bone cavity) is of 2 Rupee coin. Benefits of minimally invasive technique are less brain handling, minimum surgical site complications and early discharge.

In our hospital we discharge patient on next day of surgery and all pain free without any pain killers.

Dr. Sandeep W Iratwar, Best Neurosurgeon In Nagpur

Dr. Shrikant Kalbagwar Neurosurgeon