Oncology and Oncosurgery

Best cancer center in Nagpur

Best cancer center in Nagpur Department of Oncology and Oncosurgery

Nelson hospital (Best cancer center in Nagpur)The Department of Oncology provides the best in class treatments for children and adults with various blood disorders and cancers. The team members who will help care for you include an elite team of Medical and surgical Oncologist, pediatric physician oncologists and physicians along with consultants from other specialties. In addition,Nelson Hospital Best cancer center in Nagpur have social workers, clinical dieticians, occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists, who are specially trained in oncologycare. The unit is also staffed with well trained, skilled, dedicated and experienced nursing staff to deal with chemotherapy and central lines, which is one of the main strength of the unit.
We have 24 hours backup with other subspecialties like Surgeons to manage solid tumors and support from ICU, Neurology and Nephrology departments to manage sick patients. We also have the support from clinical psychologist to help families and patients deal with the stress associated with these diseases.

We are one of the premium institutes in central India to provide the Pediatric oncology services by specialized team of oncologist and pediatricians.

The following services are provided:

Dr. Samiksha Dubey

MBBS, MD Medicine (Gold medalist), DNB-SS

Dr. Suraj Agrawal